75 most useful websites on the Internet you should know – 2019

List of Most Useful Websites: There are billions of websites on the Internet and thousands get added every second. This is not an easy task to find a useful website in a little time when you need to complete a specific task.

Whenever we need to do something on the internet, we move to Google and search for it. Google gives thousands of websites to choose for every keyword you entered and left you confused to choose the best of them.

We have compiled a list of the most useful websites on the Internet, which can solve a specific task for you. These websites can help you to complete a task, to learn a new skill or just to kill your boredom. 

These websites are very easy to remember and can provide a solution for almost everything we require in daily life. After remembering the name of these websites you don’t need to to do Google for everything. This list is going to save a lot of time for you.

Most Useful Websites on The Internet:

most useful websites
Most Useful Websites on the Internet – 2019

1. Firefox Send – You can send encrypted files up to 1 GB with the promise of Firefox security. The link remains active only for 24 hours or 1 download.

2. Join.me – It helps to organize online meetings and members can share screens.

3. Fast.com – You can check the current speed of your Internet connection.

4. downforeveryoneorjustme.com – Check that a website is down for everybody or just for you.

5. Archive.is – Take a screenshot of any webpage and it will remain forever, even if the original website gets dead.

6. BUG ME NOT – If you are tired of entering your email on different websites to sign up. You can use BUG ME NOT to find login details for thousands of websites.

7. Shortpixel.com – Increase your website speed by optimizing and compressing its images.

8. Slides.com – Create beautiful slide presentations and broadcast to the audiences across the World.

9. Corrupt a File – If you don’t want to work on a file, just corrupt it by using this website and send it back.

10. Wakeupdialer.com – This website can send you a wake-up call in the morning. Just enter your mobile number and set time to wake up, you will get a call in the morning.

11. Get Notify – You can track E-mails. Send notification when someone open email sent by you.

12. Dead Man’s Switch – It sends E-mails after some interval to check you are dead or alive. If you don’t respond to those e-mails for a particular time, it will send information to others. You can set up all info like the time intervals, response time and recipient to send mail after no response from your side. 

13. Scr.im – It converts your email id into a short link and you can share that link anywhere in public domain. It helps you to save from Spam mail crawlers.

14. Duckduckgo.com – A search engine which doesn’t track you. Search anything on the Internet without worrying about your privacy, unlike Google which tracks everything you do after a search query.

15. Getemoji.com – A large collection of Emojis and special characters to use. Copy characters from the website and use them anywhere. You can also use copychar.cc to find special characters and emoji, which are not on your keyword.

16. Resumemaker.online – It helps you to create beautiful Resumes and CVs. This is Ads free and has many features like section addition and skill addition.

17. Tineye.com – This is a reverse image search tool like Google images, but with more specific features.

18. Canva.com – Best website on the internet to create professional Graphics, Banners, Logos, etc for free. Other alternatives are  Pixlr, Fotor, Pic Monkey, Fotojet.

19. Autodraw.com – Best website for fine artwork. Create doodles using freehand and it will transform them into beautiful designs using the power of AI.

20. Codeacademy – Best website to learn coding and programming online. You can also use Treehouse, GitHub, W3School.

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21. Code Avengers – Best website to teach Coding and programming to your children.

22. Iconfinder.com – This website provides unlimited numbers of Icons to use for websites, Apps, Logos, etc. You can also try Flaticon, Icons8.

23. Buffer.com – Connect all your social media accounts and schedule to post. A single Buffer account helps you to organize all your social media campaigns.

24. Giphy.com – A large collection of Gifs. Gifs are fun to share on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc. You can also create your own Gif.

25. Feedly – Feedly helps to aggregate articles from multiple websites in a single place. You don’t need to visit each website one by one to read your favourite article. Pocket is also a good choice like Feedly.

26. Jotti.org – It helps to scan any E-mail attachment or file for suspicious viruses and malware.

27. BuildFire – Create Android and IOS apps without programming. You can also try thunkable.com and glitch.com.

28. Upwork.com – Find freelancers to work on any project. You can also work here as a freelancer.

29. File.pizza – Send files with peer to peer security. Files are not stored anywhere, files are downloaded directly from the sender’s system when requested by the receiver. 

30. Sway.com – It helps to create and share presentations, newsletters and documentation in minutes. 

31. Where Am I – Find the postal address and latitude/longitude of your current location.

32. Qrcodescan.in – Scan any QR code without installing any other app.

33. 10minutemail.com – Create a temporary and disposable e-mail account for temporary signup on websites.

34. Unsplash – Find and download unlimited images for free. 

35. Pixabay – Unlimited images and videos to use for free without copyright. You can also try videvo.net.

36. Alternativeto.net – Find alternative websites or apps for any famous services like Youtube, Adsense, etc.

37. About.me – Create a personal portfolio page on the Internet to showcase.


38. Flightstats.com – Check current status for flights at any airport in the world.

39. Fonts.google.com – A large collection of open-source fonts to use anywhere without copyright issues.

40. Ifttt.com – It helps to automate different regular works like posting on social media, sending mails, etc. It connects all your smart devices together and helps you to automate communication between them.

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41. Deadsimplescreensharing.com – It provides screen sharing and audio/video conferencing directly from your browser.

42. Whoishostingthis.com – It helps to find hosting provider of any website on the internet. 

43. Draw.io – Create Flowcharts, Diagrams, Wireframes in your browser.

44. Pdfescape.com – Edit any Pdf online and convert scan documents into a pdf file. Smallpdf also a good alternative.

45. Gtmetrix.com – This website helps to analyze your website’s performance. It checks for load time, page speed and issues which slow down a website to load quickly.

46. Small Pictures – It helps to compress and resize images directly in your browser, no need to install any additional app or software.

47. Calligraphr.com – It can transform your handwriting into a real font.

48. Wetransfer.com – You can share or send large and heavy sized files.

49. Homestyler.com – Create a model of your house from scratch or reconstruct a 3D design of your house.

50. Remotedesktop.google.com – A google product to access any computer from a remote location. Access your computer from your mobile or from any other computer. 

51. Urbandictionary.com – Find a definition for the words which are used in pop culture and used as slang or informal way.

52. Grammarly –  Most useful website or app available on the internet for writing purpose. Grammarly checks your writing for spelling errors or grammar mistakes. It suggests better word options and enhances your writing.

53. Kleki.com – Create Drawings and Painting by using a large collection of brushes and colours.

54. Midomi.com – You can find the name of any song.

55. Snopes.com – You can check that offer you received on mail is real or just a scam.

56. Namechk.com – It helps you to find available usernames for any social network.

57. similarsites.com – Find similar sites of any website that you like on the internet.

58. Faxzero.com – Send an online Fax absolutely free. 

59. Powtoon.com – You can create interesting and engaging whiteboard animation for marketing or presentation purposes. Videoscribe is also a good alternative.

60. Trello.com – This is a team collaboration app. All team members can create simple task boards and can check progress. Trello uses boards, cards and lists to prioritize and organize projects in a fun and flexible way.

61. Duolingo.com – A must check website or app for everyone. Duolingo helps you to learn different languages in an engaging way. You can learn Chinese, French, English, Hindi or any other language using this website.

62. Carrd.co – It helps to create simple and beautiful, professional one-page websites.

63. WikiHow – (How to….) guide for anything you can search for. 

64. Tinychat – Create a private chat room for yourself in a second and start chatting with friends and strangers.

65. Twitterbots – Create a personal twitter bot to automate different tasks like auto-reply messages, follow people and more.

66. Udemy – Find an online course to learn everything. A large collection of online courses via professional and expert instructors.

67. Instructables.com – Step by step guide to building anything. Guides include a wide variety of topics like electronics, cooking, crafts, etc.

68. Htmlmail.pro – Create and send rich text, beautifully designed HTML emails using Gmail.

69. Bit.ly – convert any long URL address into a short and trackable URL.

70. Pixton.com – Create your own comics with your own characters and storyline.

71. Ted.com – Find millions of inspiring talks and videos from greatest people around the world. 

72. Quora – Find an answer to any question in the world. You can ask a question and a large community is there to guide you with your question.

73. Goodreads – Find inspiration to read a book. Millions of Books are listed there and have a large number of reviews for each book.

74. Glassdoor – Find reviews for companies where you want to work. Get a glimpse about work culture and salaries about a company before you join that.

75. Buzzfeed – If you are feeling bored at your workplace, just go to the Buzzfeed and you will get thousands of interesting articles, listicles, videos and quizzes to grab. 

This was a list of some of the most useful websites on the internet which can be remembered to browse directly without using Google search. We have not included some famously known websites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc that are known to everyone.

We know that there are many other websites which are also similarly useful and important. Please tell us in the comments about some websites which are relatively useful according to you.


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