75 Interesting Psychology Facts which will blow your Mind

Psychology Facts: 

The human mind is the universe’ most complex creation. How our mind works, is still a billion-dollar question. Everyday new research comes out with some information about the functioning of the human mind. The study of our mind is called Psychology.

The things we do in life, our feelings, our way of our thinking, our lifestyle, everything depends on the way our mind functions. Every human mind is unique in itself, that’s the reason every person is different from each other. 

The world of Psychology is full of surprises and amazements. While it is true that every mind is unique, but sometimes it functions similarly. As a human being, we all have some characteristics similar to each other. 

The Awesomepost brings you the 75 Interesting and mind-blowing psychology facts which will give you all the answers to understand the nature of our mind. 

These psychology facts will help you to understand questions like why you feel suddenly sad sometimes or why you find yourself hungry after seeing a restaurant. These are just examples, there are a number of patterns when we all humans behave quite similarly.

Psychology Facts (1-20)

1. Our dressing sense is directly related to our mind. When we wear good clothes, we feel confident. 

2. People who swear a lot seems to be honest and loyal with their Friends.

3. Babies born during the month of ‘May’ are heavier in weight than babies born in other months.

4. Money can really make someone happier but only up to a certain point: There are studies which suggest that when our income increases up to a certain point, we feel happier. After that point money doesn’t matter so much.

5. Research shows that we are more satisfied when we spend money on experiences (like travelling, movies, sports, etc.) rather than buying a property. Spending money on experiences makes us feel more sociable and stress-free.

6. You can only remember 3-4 things at a certain time.

7. Being alone for a long time or smoking 15 cigarettes a day, both are similarly dangerous.

8. When you start missing some-one, your mind suddenly started feeling sad.

9. People who react faster to stupid questions or situations are more intelligent in nature.

Interesting Psychology Facts

10. Online dating and online shopping follow the same psychological pattern.

11. People who get angry very fast are in stress and need immediate love and affection.

12. People who talk to themselves are smart in nature.

13. People with high IQ, more likely to sleep late in the night.

14. Our mind treats rejection as a feeling of physical pain.

15. According to a U.S. study, almost twice serial killers are born in November than any other month.

16. When people are confident about the thing they are speaking, they look more attractive.

Psychology Facts Awesomepost

17. When someone disagrees a discussion and he wants to leave, he started to turn his/her feet slightly away or repeatedly moves one foot in an outward direction.

18. When you have a crush on someone, it is likely impossible to speak lie in front of his/her.

19. When we sleep too much, our mind starts to feel more sleepy.

20. When we think so much negative, our brain starts to think that we are ill.

Psychology Facts (21-40)

21. Keeping yourself busy can make you happy. When we are busy, our brain prevents us from thinking about negative things in our life.

22. Chocolates and shopping are more addictive than smoking, steroids and LSD. 

23. Restaurants use Red, orange and yellow colours in their branding because these colours make us feel hungry.

24. People who are good liars are expert in detecting the lies of others.

Facts about liars

25. Our brain doesn’t think long term deadlines as much important as tasks which are needed to complete within a few days. 

26. people confess things during late-night conversations because people are more honest when they are tired.

27. A hug can make us feel stress-free and more energetic. A hug of more than 20 seconds will make us trust the person we are hugging.

28. When you laugh on a joke, it takes your brain to act in five different areas at the same time.

29. Atheist people are involved in more sex as they want to show their authority.

30. Marrying your best friend eliminates the risk of divorce by over 70%, and this marriage is more likely to last a lifetime.

31. People who speak more than one language may unconsciously change their body language when they switch from one language to another language.

32. If girls like you then they also like you staring at them.

33. Talking frequently with someone increases the chance of falling in love with him/her.

 34. If you saw something like an owner, you will probably buy that item.

 35. Women who have male friends stay calm and in a good mood more often.

36. If you discuss your goals more often, it decreases the chance of succeeding that goal. It happens because you lose motivation.

37. Memories of some work make us happier than doing that work in actual.

38. People who criticise others more often, they have low self-esteem.

39. When people come in a power position, they automatically start ignoring others. Power makes us careless to others.

40. Our brain can convert a boring task into a fun one, just by thinking about it.

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