31 Amazing Facts about the Universe, everybody should know.

Amazing Facts about Universe:

We live on the Earth, a planet which revolves around the Sun with 8 other planets. We all know about it but as a Homo Sapiens, we are always curious to find new things. Never-ending depth of Universe amazes and attracts us to know more about it.

Who are we? Where we came from? What about life on other planets in the Universe? What is the secret of these thousands of crores of stars in the sky? Thousands of such questions keep running in our hearts and minds.

In order to calm our own curiosity, we keep searching every day so that we can gather as much information about this universe as possible.
In this post, we are going to tell you some amazing facts about the Universe which will fill you with surprise.

1. The universe is approximately 13.5 billion years old. The Universe formed after a mass explosion called Big Bang Theory. Our planet Earth started forming approximately 4.5 Billion years ago.

2. It is to be said that there is no life on any planet other than Earth, but Astro researchers found many pieces of evidence which prove that we are not alone in this universe.

3. Sun orbits around the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy and it takes approximately 225 Million years to complete it. Dinosaurs were roaming on Earth when last time Sun was in the same position as now.

4. Astronomer Frank Drake proposed the Drake equation to calculate the number of Civilizations exists in our Univers.

5. There are millions of Galaxies in the universe like the Milky Way Galaxy.

6. A Spacesuit costs around $12 Million, the maximum amount of it used in making technical control of the suit.

Amazing Facts about the Universe
Amazing Facts about the Universe

7. The Universe is endless as we can’t determine its edge or centre point because all elements of the Universe are bends to each other due to the gravity force.

8. You can’t Cry or Sweat in the universe due to zero gravity tears won’t fell down.

9. Astronomers calculated that around 275 Million new stars born every day.

10. Smelling is not possible in space but according to astronomers, they experienced that universe smell like hot metal, welding gases or seared steaks.

11. Every Galaxy has a Black hole in the centre of it. Black holes are areas with extreme gravitational force, nothing can escape across them.

12. Everything on our planet Earth is made of Stardust, except the Hydrogen and Helium gases. Earth was formed due to a burning core of a star and so every species and other elements are part of that star’s dust.

Amazing Facts Universe-2
Amazing Facts about the Universe

13. The first person to look into space with the help of a telescope was Galileo, about to 400 years ago.

14. The earth is the so little part of space that even Sun can fit 1.3 Million earth in it.

15. According to various studies, there are approx 20 Trillion galaxies in the observable universe.

16. The human brain is the most complex creation in the universe, it has more than 1 billion neurons and uncountable connections among them.


17. If we can compress Earth to its highest level, it will collapse and become a Blackhole.

18. Space has no sounds of its own but some time ago NASA released an audio clip of sounds which can be heard in space.

Amazing Facts about the Universe
Amazing Facts about the Universe

19. The rings we saw surrounding Saturn are not solid, they are a mixture of Rock, Ice and Dust.

20. In 1977, Scientists received a signal from somewhere in the deep universe. We are still not able to know about its origin.

21. According to the researchers’ centre of our Galaxy tastes like Rum and smells like Raspberries.

22. The distance of planets calculated by sending radio signals to them.

23. Approx 10,000 light-years far, there is a huge cloud of Alcohol spread in across 463,000,000,000 Km area. This is so massive that we can fill 400 trillion cans of Beer from it.

24. The Space station project is the most expensive space project in the world which costs approx $150 Billion. Scientists also launched a project named Hadron Collider to know the reason for the origin of the universe.

Amazing Facts Universe-4
Amazing Facts about the Universe

25. Neutron stars are so dense that even a spoon of matter from their centre weighs around 1 billion tons. Stars higher density is due to their quick spinning.

26. The Voyager-1 spacecraft is the first spacecraft to leave our solar system and now its furthest object from the earth made by a human. The Voyager Program was launched in 1977 by launching two spacecraft Voyager-1 and Voyager-2.

27. On 12-August, 2018, NASA launched a mission to touch the Sun first time. Parker Solar Probe mission is launched to study Sun more deeply and to understand the functionality of the Sun.

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28. Venus rotates very slowly on its own axis as it completes its one round to Sun before completing a rotation on its axis. Due to this reason, a day on Venus is smaller than a year.

29. Olympus Mountain on Mars is the tallest known mountain in our solar system. it is approx three times taller than Mount Everest on Earth. It is about to 26 KM tall and spread in 600 Km area.

30. According to the many theories our universe is not alone and there can be many other universes similar to it.

Amazing Facts about Universe
Amazing Facts about the Universe

31. When we look into the sky and see stars, we actually look into the past. Stars are millions of light-years away from us and the light come from them takes huge time to reach to us. The look of stars we see in the present is actually their look of a specific time in past.

These are some amazing facts about the universe. We know that the universe is so large and unknown that there are millions of mysteries to explore.

If you know some amazing facts about the universe which are not listed here, please tell us in the comment section.


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